Follow these instructions below to set up your Adsense websites.

1. After unzipping the full Adsense package .zip file, you’ll find 20 different folders.
Each folder is a full Adsense website.

2. Open one of the website folders. You’ll see a file called: config.php . Open these config
files with Notepad or a text editor (or your html editor).

3. Inside, you’ll see code that looks similar to this…

4. All you will need to do is follow the instructions there, and place the requested information
INSIDE the ‘ ‘ quotes. Where it says ‘PutYourAdsenseIDHere’ you would place your publisher ID,
like this: ‘pub-1635467899959646’ but use your own ID there.

5. After editing that one file, Save the config.php file.

6. That’s it! Your websites are configured, and you can upload the pages to your website.